Check out the stellar line-up of mentors & targeted workshops we hosted on 9/23/17. Details about future conferences are currently in the works!

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We believe that dynamic, engaged mentorship and exposure to role models can redefine the paradigm of women-led entrepreneurship and can supercharge the next generation of builders, critical thinkers, and entrepreneurs forward. Our philosophy also is based on organic discussion and interaction as a means to synthesize better ideas and stronger relationships. Hence, in an effort to promote such engaged mentorship and organic discussions, Four94 is structured a bit differently from your typical conference. We want attendees to be able to have a lifelong mentor on their entrepreneurial journeys, and our leaders at the conference are committed to just that. As such, for much of the conference, like the circle chats and dinner, you'll be paired with two leaders and other students - who we hope you'll walk away having formed strong relationships with. Consider Four94 to be your launching pad for meeting some of the coolest and most ambitious women leaders and student entrepreneurs who are unafraid of building, creating, and impacting from the ground up. And take a sneak peak at our agenda at a glance.