Scratchpad Fellowship

Four Weeks. Your Idea. & Stellar Mentorship. 

We've concluded our 2018 pilot of the Scratchpad fellowship! Stay tuned for 2019's Scratchpad Fellowship; details to fall in Fall 2018. Check our what we accomplished, what we learned, and what we'll do differently. Blog posts to be released from Scratchpad Fellows in the coming weeks. 

Here are some snapshots from our 2018 pilot! Stay tuned for 2019's Scratchpad Fellowship!

                                                                   Our 2018 Scratchpad Fellows  Read more about their experiences: 

                                                                Our 2018 Scratchpad Fellows

Read more about their experiences: 

  • Tariana’s team worked on building an app that helped connect low-income individuals to food sources (called “FooFii”).
  • Alisha researched and laid the groundwork for a civic tech startup to educate residents about their eviction rights.
  • Haley’s team decided to bring a new, personalized branding experience to wine.
  • Su’s team was focused on building a goal tracking app with social reinforcements.
  • Danielle and Andrew’s team spent their time evaluating the feasibility of their AI for ESL learners app, called Alea.

What is the Scratchpad Fellowship?

This January Break, take your idea to the next stage. Ever wanted to start experimenting and building your business idea? Four94's scratchpad fellowship is a four week program (with a small stipend), adapted from Avni Patel Thompson's Four Week Test to get more young women students to test out their ideas. 

In the spirit of creative entrepreneurship, the program is loosely structured - join us from your home or apply for desk space in Boston. That said, strong applicants will be wholeheartedly committed to using the Four Week Scratchpad Fellowship as a launching pad for their ideas. Consider applying if you'd like to spend your winter break with a community of peers taking their ideas from stage zero to stage beyond. 

Shout Out to Our 2018 Sponsors


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Guided, yet creatively loose mentorship from Female Founders

Each week, you'll join in on an 1.5 hour call with an inspiration female founder along with your cohort of 10 other students. Get one on one advice and mentorship about the trajectory you're taking your startup idea on, and dive into a stellar network of hustlers that will teach you about the very early stages of exploring and launching an idea. 


Weekly Overview

Four94 will provide:

  • Weekly resources to help you navigate the Four Week Test (including tips on how to talk to your target customer, coming up with a minimum viable product, using non-tech stacks to test out your idea)
  • Mentor check ins: We'll pair you up with a mentor who will check in with your daily progress updates and weekly updates.
  • Ask us anything style resources: We'll try our hardest to help unblock you by providing you with intros, tutorials, etc that might help move your idea forward.


Each week, teams are expected to:

  • Submit a daily Slack update containing goals for the day, the status of their projects, and updates.
  • We also expect all teams to make the Monday morning 1.5 hour calls with a leading women founder and peers in the cohort. 
  • Remote teams are expected to engage daily 

At the end of the Four Week Test, teams will be required to draft a short blog post summary and slide deck of their work, experiements, and potential next steps.



Winter Mentorship

Our remotely stationed mentors and advisors are excited to help you think through problems and decisions as they pop up. Learn from those who have walked down similar roads while owning and building out your own paths during our Four Week Test. Mentors include college students who are a bit further along the track of launching their startup to professional founders. Check back soon for our lineup of mentors in marketing, customer acquisition, financing, MVP development, legal, and more.